Grow: Deepen Your Relationship with Christ (PDF)

Grow: Deepen Your Relationship with Christ (PDF)
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This book will show you how to make your quiet time with God the most exciting and rewarding part of your day! Jesus Christ wants every Christian to grow in a deeper relationship with Himself. Yet so many people stagnate in the Christian life. Grow! explains how to have a daily explains how to have a daily quiet time in order to know Christ intimately and grow to maturity. This book offers plenty of practical help for turning the “chore” of devotions into a life-changing, joyproducing habit. It outlines clearly how to seek God in the quiet time and explains the amazing benefits of experiencing God on a daily basis. This book can be used individually, in a small group, or a classroom teaching setting. In the back of this book, there’s a coach’s section to help guide someone else through the contents of this book.


Lesson 1: Connecting with God Lesson 2: Preparing to Meet God Lesson 3: Making Contact with God Lesson 4: Receiving from God Lesson 5: Entering God’s Presence Lesson 6: Praying to God Lesson 7: Growing in Spiritual Power Lesson 8: Resting and Reflecting Appendix: How to Coach Someone using this Material Index