Share: Make Christ Real to Others (PDF)

Share: Make Christ Real to Others (PDF)
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Even through the gospel is the best news on the face of this earth, many believers don’t know how to clearly share the good news. Share! Make Christ Real to Others offers practical insights to help a believer establish contacts with non-Christians and then a plan to share the gospel with them. This book is not only designed to equip a believer individually to share his or her faith, but it also instructs a small group how to witness to those outside the Christian faith. Jesus Christ was a “friend of sinners.” This book encourages the believer to follow in Christ’s steps by becoming a true friend to non-believers. It’s a great resource to use individually, in a small group, or in a classroom teaching setting. In the back of the book, there’s a coach’s section to help guide someone else through the contents of this book.


Lesson 1: Sharing Good News Lesson 2: Sowing the Seed Lesson 3: Relational Evangelism Lesson 4: Looking for Open Doors Lesson 5: How to Share the Message Lesson 6: Sharing Your Journey Lesson 7: Fishing with a Net Lesson 8: Meeting Needs as a Group Appendix: How to Coach Someone using this Material Index