The Spirit-filled Small Group (EPUB)

The Spirit-filled Small Group (EPUB)
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Description: The focus in many of today's small groups has shifted from Spirit-led transformation to just another teacher-student Bible study. But exercising every member's spiritual gifts is vital to the effectiveness of the group. With insight born of experience in more than twenty years of small group ministry, Joel Comiskey explains how leaders and participants alike can be supernaturally equipped to deal with real-life issues. The book explains what the gifts of the Spirit are and how they can be practiced in the small group setting. You'll find practical guidelines on how to experience your own spiritual gift (s) and help others experience theirs. Put these principles into practice and your small group will never be the same!

(Chosen Books, 2005, and later republished with CCS Publishing, 2010)


"Joel Comiskey has again provided the Body of Christ with an important tool to see God's Kingdom revealed in and through small groups. If the Holy Spirit's presence, empowerment and gifts do not infuse life into the group, it becomes nothing more than a Gospel gimmick for church growth. The Spirit-Filled Small Group is a must-read for every pastor or leader desiring to see first-century Christianity restored in the 21st century."--Chuck Crismier, founder, Save America Ministries; radio host, Viewpoint

"Nothing can bring vibrancy and life to a small group more than each member discovering, developing and using his or her spiritual gifts. This timely book is a practical roadmap showing you how to get there and how to activate your full potential for ministry. I encourage you to read it and to use it!"--C. Peter Wagner, chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute